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Online Benefit Administration & Healthcare Risk Management Tools

Leading benefit administrator and healthcare risk manager

Benefit & Risk Management Services, Inc. (BRMS) is a leading benefit administrator and healthcare risk manager that delivers innovative technology and administration solutions that control rising healthcare costs. One of the first to introduce online employee benefit administration application, our services are powered by our exclusive Virtual Benefits Administration System (Vbas) — a proprietary database and administration system that allows employers to save time and money by automating healthcare risk management supply chain and empowering employees to self-service their benefits.

Our clientele includes both public and private sector organizations, including industry leading IT companies, vineyards, hospitals, credit unions, homebuilders, school districts, unions and more.

Healthcare Risk Management

Healthcare Division: Specializing in Healthcare Service Provider Employee Benefits. BRMS has extensive experience in working with healthcare service providers, from large hospitals to mental health, counseling, and care program providers. BRMS manages the consolidated billing and eligibility, as well as the COBRA, FSA, HIPAA and retiree healthcare accounts for over 40 Healthcare facilities representing more than 35,000 employees. In addition, we offer various levels of TPA services designed especially for hospitals and other healthcare service providers who have self-insured their Medical, Dental and Visions programs. These lives all have multi-level network benefits in which BRMS has purchased or contracted (on their behalf) one or more of the network tiers.

Online Benefit Administration & Online Open Enrollment

Virtual Benefits Administration System Vbas

The Virtual Benefits Administration System, also known as Vbas, is a proprietary, secure web application that conveniently manages employee benefit data online. Our online employee benefit management application reduces processing costs by allowing you to store, access, administer, track and manage your data 24/7 via any Internet connection.Vbas does the work for you by organizing your benefit and employee information, computerizing benefit communications and open enrollment, automating scheduled data transmissions to carriers, consolidating carrier billing and simplifying employee benefit management. And with Vbas, employees are empowered to manage their own benefits with online enrollment and employee self-service.

Standard Vbas service includes Centralized Benefit Information & Data Management, Carrier EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), Online Communication, Automated Eligibility, Online Open Enrollment, Employee Self-Service, Reporting and Consolidated Billing.

Additional Vbas Services. All your employee benefit management and information and is fully traceable in Vbas.

Single-Point Billing Administration

BRMS' expert accounting staff can reconcile all your carrier invoices, identifying and processing retroactive charges and credits on your behalf, and issue one itemized invoice.

Paper Enrollment Data Entry & Processing

If your organization requires paper enrollment forms, our experienced staff can free your time by handling tedious data entry and processing for you.

HR & Payroll Data Exchange

Vbas data can be exchanged with your HR and payroll system to guarantee data integrity across all databases.

COBRA Administration/ HIPAA Compliance

We employ seasoned COBRA- and HIPAA-educated professionals to perform appropriate administrative and compliance tasks to protect your organization.

Flex Administration

BRMS handles all Flex Account compliance and full-service administration for our clients, while Vbas allows employees to view their contributions, claim history and balance any time of the day or night online.

Full-time Student Verification

Vbas automatically provides custom client and employee notifications to verify full-time student status. Our staff manages the entire process, including COBRA administration.

OAD (Over-Age Dependent) Tracking

Vbas automatically pulls OAD reports, which our staff uses to notify both clients and employees. We completely handle this function for you, including COBRA administration.

Retiree Billing and Administration

Vbas allows retirees to view their contributions while BRMS handles all monitoring, billing and premium processing.

Risk Management Services

Benefit and Risk Management Services specializes in asset protection and cost containment - proactively identifying and controlling your healthcare risk. We excel in alternative strategies to manage your healthcare risk, such as self-funding, expert underwriting and placement of reinsurance and stop-loss (if required), and affordable fully-insured coverage with leading healthcare insurance providers.

Self-Funded Coverage

BRMS as a healthcare risk manager can help you determine whether and how to self-fund your company's employee benefit program. We have the expertise to educate you on the advantages and risks of self-funding and how to protect those risks with stop-loss insurance programs. We will walk you through a step-by-step plan to explore whether this alternative funding solution is a good fit for your company. In implementing a self-funded benefit program, we employ seasoned industry veterans to design an optimal benefit plan for each organization and benefit group. You also receive extensive reporting with our inclusive data warehouse, to review and analyze claims activity for better decision making.

When losses occur due to unforeseen situations, we aggressively take action to control the loss with a fully-staffed utilization review and medical management teams.

Fully-Insured Coverage

BRMS has developed relationships with a large selection of Health and other Specialty Insurance companies, to provide a wide variety of employee benefit plans that are customized to meet your specific needs. Our business partnerships allow us to offer the best fully-insured coverage at the best price.

BRMS offers a full line of insurance coverage, including:

  • Medical-Health Insurance
    • Full Major/Comprehensive
  • Group Health, Disability, Life, and Dental Insurance
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Executive Benefits
  • Voluntary Products and Wellness Program
  • TPA - Third Party Administrator in California

  • BRMS is leading TPA (Third Party Administrator) in California. Our TPA company processes insurance claims and certain aspects of employee benefit plans for a separate employers and TPA brokers. TPA handles the claims processing for an employer that self-insures its employees. Thus, the employer is acting as an insurance company and underwrites the risk. An insurance company may also use a TPA to manage its claims processing, provider networks, utilization review, or membership functions. While some other third-party administrators may operate as units of insurance companies, BRMS is independent. As a Third party administrator, BRMS also handle many aspects of other employee benefit plans such as the processing of retirement plans and flexible spending accounts. Many employee benefit plans have highly technical aspects and difficult administration that can make using Benefit & Risk Management Services more cost effective than doing the same processing in house.

Underwriting & Placement

Focused on building trusted and valued relationships with each and every client, we have a long history of developing custom health insurance policies that result from a comprehensive analysis of your industry, corporate goals and the specific healthcare challenges you are facing. Working with your broker, or directly with your management team, our in-house underwriter evaluates your risk for a determination of plan specific and / or aggregate reinsurance, clarifying the level of underwriting and placement necessary to protect you against unpredictable losses.

In addition to our in-house Underwriter, we are approved by all major direct and MGU Reinsurance markets. We also work with actuarial partners and reinsurance underwriters to ensure a comprehensive analysis of your healthcare risk. As part of our underwriting procedure, BRMS will analyze your employee base and calculate your risk based upon past performance, industry trends and demographics.

Actuarial and underwriting are just a few of the methods we use to assess and control your risk. With a wide range of risk management techniques, we specialize in choosing the appropriate coverage for the protection of a company's resources and achievement of specific goals. With a highly experienced team, and leading healthcare partners, we provide expert advice to employers of all sizes on the selection and purchase of health insurance and employee benefit packages.

COBRA/ HIPAA Administration

At Benefit and Risk Management Services, we are your remedy to complex laws and burdening healthcare legislation that can interfere with your core business. We employ seasoned COBRA- and HIPAA-educated professionals to perform appropriate administrative and compliance tasks to protect your organization - and we do it with friendly, prompt customer service.

COBRA Administration
  • Initial Notifications of COBRA Rights to active participants
  • Qualifying Event notices
  • Bill, collect and remit COBRA premiums to the employer
  • Provide customized reporting options
  • Track, maintain and report all activities

Online Benefit Administration & Enrollment

Vbas (Virtual Benefits Administration System) is a proprietary, secure database that conveniently manages employee benefit data online.

Vbas reduces processing costs by allowing you to store, access, administer, track, and manage your data on one comprehensive platform.

Vbas does the work for you by organizing employee benefit information, communications and enrollment, automating scheduled data transmissions to carriers, consolidating carrier billing, and simplifying employee benefit management.