Third Party Administrator for Unions

Benefit Administrator for Union Organizations

Benefit & Risk Management Services assists Unions in providing their members easy, online access to their benefit information.

Union Website Development and Maintenance:

Website Development for Unions
  • Forms and Newsletters
  • Display benefits, claims and pension information custom to each member behind a secure login
  • Single Sign On functionality that allows members to only have to log in to one website to access different vendors, rather than have multiple log ins to remember
  • Find a Provider
  • Order replacement medical cards
  • Contact information

Online Enrollment Platform

Reduce processing costs by allowing you to store, access, administer, track, and manage your data on one comprehensive platform. BRMS Online Enrollment Platform does the work for you by organizing employee benefit information, communications and enrollment, automating scheduled data transmissions to carriers, consolidating carrier billing, and simplifying employee benefit management.

Affordable Care Act

Call Center Support

All our customer support representatives are based in-house and fully integrated, with regular interaction at all levels to insure we are all working together as one, united team.

Taft Hartley Administration

A Taft-Hartley trust fund provides security for participants and their families. It is critical that the fund be administered in accordance with plan documents and government compliance which the knowledgeable BRMS staff can assist with.

We understand the details of Taft-Hartley administration and make sure all parties are served, starting with the needs of the plan administrator and trustees, to the exceptional service to the membership. In doing so, plan participants are assured of their benefits and satisfaction.

BRMS offers the following Taft-Hartley services:

  • Health & Welfare Administration
  • Defined Benefit/Defined Contribution Pension Administration
  • Vacation Trust Administration
  • Reciprocity Administration
  • Trust Handbook Maintenance
  • New Trustee Orientation
  • Full Financial Statements and Accounting Services
  • Government Reporting
  • Annual Pension Verification Process with Retirees
  • Employer Contribution Collection
  • Delinquency Management
  • Reserve Dollar and Hour Bank Administration
  • QDRO Processing
  • Trust Meeting Coordination

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