Frequently Asked Questions about Vbas


  • What types of plans can be programmed into Vbas?

    Any type of health insurance plan you want managed. Our Vbas system can be customized to meet your needs. For example, common plans include: Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, LTD, STD and EAP.

  • What types of security do you have in place to protect my information?

    With security as our top priority, these are just a few of the security mechanisms we use to protect your data:

    • Encryption
    • Access control mechanisms
    • Authentication of electronic signatures
    • Physical hosting site security
    • Firewalls
  • Does Vbas allow employee benefit changes outside of the Open Enrollment period?

    Yes, Vbas allows open enrollment service and employee self-serve life event changes.

  • Does Vbas maintain and send eligibility files to each carrier?

    Yes, assuming your carrier will work with us to transfer eligibility electronically. We have partnered with major carriers to allow Electronic Data Interface (EDI) transfers.

  • Can I build reports based on our needs (such as by headcount and plan) in Vbas?

    Yes, Custom Reports can be generated with any information housed in Vbas. Vbas standard reports include: Aged-based Premium Changes, Benefit Changes, Benefit Summary Bills, Benefit Terminations, Carrier Bills, Consolidated List Bills, Current Benefits, Ineligible Dependents, Student Verifications, Emergency Contacts, Insured Address Lists, Insured Changes, and Medicare Eligibility.

  • Can Vbas help me with my billing processes?

    Yes, Vbas allows you to create custom ad hoc reports based on your specific reporting needs. Plus, with Consolidated Billing, Vbas auto-adjudicates and consolidates all your billing information into one, easy-to-read invoice.

  • Does Vbas have the ability to feed information to our COBRA /HIPAA administrator: new hires, newly added spouses, dropped dependent, end of employment for any reason, etc.?

    Yes, Vbas can EDI transfer data to any carrier or administrator that will work with us.

  • Does your implementation team provide “Hands On” assistance in the implementation of all new plans or changes to existing plans?

    Yes, our implementation team is one of the key strengths that sets BRMS apart from the rest. Our team will walk you through the implementation process, which our current clientele have told us, was smoother and easier than with other online administrators.

  • Will I receive ongoing support after the system is implemented?

    Yes, each and every client receives an entire Account Team to manage their account on a daily basis, consisting of a Senior BRMS Executive, an Account Executive and supporting Account Representatives. In addition, our optional toll-free Customer Support Team can assist you and your employees with any information that is housed in our Vbas system. We also have an on-call IT team ready to service you, any time of the day or night, on any Vbas System issues.

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