Online Benefit Administration & Enrollment

Vbas (Virtual Benefits Administration System) is a proprietary, secure web application that conveniently manages employee benefit data online.

Vbas reduces processing costs by allowing you to store, access, administer, track, and manage your data on one comprehensive platform.

Vbas does the work for you by organizing employee benefit information, communications and enrollment, automating scheduled data transmissions to carriers, consolidating carrier billing, and simplifying employee benefit management.

And with Vbas, employees are empowered to manage their own benefits with online enrollment and employee self-service.

Introducing Vbas

Standard Vbas service includes Centralized Benefit Information & Data Management, Carrier EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), Online Communication, Automated Eligibility, Online Open Enrollment, Employee Self-Service, Reporting, and Consolidated Billing.

Return on Investment

Additional Vbas Services

All your employee benefit information and processing is fully traceable in Vbas.

Single-Point Billing Administration

BRMS' expert accounting staff can reconcile all your carrier invoices, identifying and processing retroactive charges and credits on your behalf, and issue one itemized invoice.

Paper Enrollment Data Entry & Processing

If your organization requires paper enrollment forms, our experienced staff can free your time by handling tedious data entry and processing for you.

HR & Payroll Data Exchange

Vbas data can be exchanged with your HR and payroll system to guarantee data integrity across all databases.

COBRA Administration/ HIPAA Compliance

We employ seasoned professionals to perform the appropriate administrative and compliance tasks to protect your organization.


BRMS handles all FSA Account compliance and full-service administration for clients, while Vbas allows your employees to view their contributions, claim history and balance any time of the day or night online.

OAD (Over-Age Dependent) Tracking

Vbas automatically generates OAD reports, which allow you to notify employees when a dependent has reached the overage dependent limit.

Retiree Billing and Administration

Vbas allows retirees to view their contributions while BRMS handles all monitoring, billing and premium processing.

Customer Support Call Center

BRMS' friendly and experienced Customer Service Call Center is available toll-free, 11 hours a day, to answer any questions your employees may have about any information housed in Vbas.


Vbas Case Studies & Testimonials

"BRMS saved us over $400,000 right out of the gate, and we continue to save using their impeccable service."

Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District,
El Cajon, California

"As a result [of using Vbas], we were able to make better benefit decisions and cut our administration costs in half."

Stockton Unified School District,
Stockton, California

"We are confident that each claim is thoroughly examined and payment is valid. How do we know this? The cost savings are phenomenal. We are saving at least half a million dollars each year with BRMS."

Bellflower Unified School District,,
Bellflower California


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